Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to make a professionally-produced video?

The cost of video production can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. We work closely with clients to customize each job and put a package together that will fit within your budget.

How long does it take?

Typically, we spend a week in pre-production, a few days in production, followed by a week or two in post-production.  There are a lot of factors that can affect this schedule, but the most important factor to us is YOUR deadline.  Let’s talk about your specific project and come up with a realistic schedule.

What is the video production process?

The video production process is divided into three main parts: pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-production is where all the planning takes place. This includes initial discussions with a client to determine what message they are trying to deliver, who their audience is, and what they want the end result to be. With budget considerations and other limitations in mind, the next step is to develop a script to make this happen. Once the script is written and approved, we audition and hire talent, secure shooting locations, arrange for special equipment, make travel arrangements, determine the appropriate crew, get props, and do anything else that needs to be done before we actually begin shooting.

The Production phase is the actual filming of the project. On production days, our team of professionals will go to work. Depending on the production, a crew may consist of the producer, director, director of photography, camera operator, audio engineer, lighting technician, make-up artist, grip, gaffer, production assistant and more. The crew may use any combination of various camera equipment, microphones, lighting, monitors, dolly track, jibs, teleprompters, drones and more, to get the right shots.

After the shooting is done, the next phase is Post-Production. This is where everything comes together. The post-production step includes editing, recording narration, creating graphics, color correction, visual effects, selecting music and sound effects.  Once the video is complete, we prepare it for final delivery.

Who will write the script?

Having a good script is critical to the success of any video project. At Avalanche Studios, we prefer to write the scripts based on the talking points provided to us by our clients. We can then organize the material into a logical order and present it in the most effective and understandable manner. We pride ourselves in taking complex ideas and information and making them easy to understand for the average viewer. Our goal is to make sure the client ends up with the very best script possible which will result in the most effective video production.

Does Avalanche Studios shoot in a studio or on location?

About 90% of everything we shoot is on location.  Avalanche Studios also has an insert stage for shooting interviews, products shots, green screen, and other small productions. Depending on the needs of the project, we can shoot in our studio, on location, or wherever the project requires.

Should we use professional actors?

Many scenes can be shot using your company’s employees, friends, neighbors, or others who may work for free. However, if your project requires anyone to speak, or do extensive acting, we recommend using professional talent. Of course, this excludes testimonials, where it is often best to use real people, rather than paid talent. Otherwise, for on-camera spokespeople, or anyone with a major speaking role, you will save a lot of time, hassle and money by using a pro.

Can Avalanche Studios make videos in Spanish or other languages?

Si, Hablamos Espanol! Some of our staff are pretty fluent in Spanish, and the rest know of us know enough to function. We have even produced projects in Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Chinese and more.

Can I sit in during the edit sessions?

Sure. Although most clients prefer to review files online, all clients are welcome to come to our studio and sit with our editors during the post-production phase. We try to make each edit bay as comfortable as possible for our clients with a cushy sofa, cold beverages, snacks, lunch, and WiFi. Some clients would rather just check in once a while, review the progress, give us direction or notes, then take off. Whatever your style is, you are always welcome to hang out with us while we make your video.

I have a camcorder and some editing software. Why should I hire Avalanche?

Many people have camcorders and editing software, but there are some things you need to leave to the pros. At Avalanche Studios, we have a staff of experienced, talented, and really, really cool producers and editors who do this stuff day in and day out. Plus, we have the high-end video cameras, editing bays, and production facilities to get the job done right. When making something as important to your company as a marketing video, product demonstration or commercial that will be seen by the masses, you need to put your absolute best foot forward.

What experience does Avalanche Studios have?

The producers at Avalanche Studios have been around since 1992. We have produced thousands of projects for our clients. Our crews have shot all over the United States, Europe and more. The bottom line is that we’ve been around the block a few times and we’re prepared to handle any project or shooting situation.

Is Avalanche Studios licensed and insured?

Avalanche Studios is fully licensed in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and is registered with the Utah Division of Commerce. Avalanche also carries full business liability insurance and appropriate Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Should your project require it, we can provide the necessary certificates demonstrating full proof of insurance.

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